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The benefits of IT Support:

How much time and money do you spend correcting issues that arise whilst using technology in your business?

Would it be more useful to utilise your time concentrating on the more important tasks?

Tek Team has been setup to provide proffesional IT Support Services that do not hinder your business processes but help your business to continue to grow at a pace you desire.

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IT Support Services

Whether it is Software issues, PC Breakdowns or Major Server Failures, Tek Team's Professional IT Support Services provide an affordable and efficient solution to your IT Problems.

We can provide one off IT support Assistance for those occasional disasters that we all face with technology, and can also provide ongoing support at decent prices... Prices that are suited to your business!

Our Head Office is based in Waterlooville Hampshire and have been successfully serving the local small & medium businesses for some time. We are also able to provide an effective national service all business types in order to assist with their day to day IT.

We can provide Onsite IT Services in order to fault find and fix any problems you may have with your IT Equipment. We can cater for all your peripherals, including and not limited to Printers & Faxes.

We work with large networks everyday and so have the experience and knowledge to maintain your existing server and network configurations.

We work in such a way that we will not come into your office and tell you to replace all your equipment and then go and charge you lots of unnecessary costs to purchase and install.

We instead advise on any concerns in three stages following a FREE IT Health Check of your Current Configuration:

Stage 1 - Urgent Improvement (Mostly things that are actually broken!)

We will make urgent recommendations on any equipment that could be improved on after assessing your office configuration in full. Most of the time these recommendations will only include the items which caused you to give us a call in the first place.

Stage 2 - Highly Recommended

The next set of recommendations will be improvements we have identified that we see would improve your day to day office running. So, therefore, reducing your future costs and your invaluable business time in the process.

We do not pressure you to make any improvements, that's why we deem them as recommendations!

Stage 3 - Future Recommendations

These recommendations that we may make when assessing your office configuration are improvements which we identify that would be a great benefit to your business in the near future. These improvements are likely to be a little bit more expensive than just repairing your current business systems, which is why we place these in this category.

We do not want to hinder your business by waltzing into your office and pointing fingers at all your equipment and telling you, you need to replace it all. That is just nonsense. If your equipment is running smoothly and efficiently then why cause you to have more cost outlay unnecessarily when these improvements can be done in the future when it is more viable to the business?

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